Commercial/Industrial - Memory Lane - Change


Published October 2017



Change is constant!  This little trip down memory lane will give some indication of your “maturity” – enjoy!


  • What business was previously located on the southeast corner of Oakland Avenue and Mercer, now Williamsburg Condos, Jewel-Osco, State Farm, etc.?
  • What year did the front yard of the G.E. Plant begin to develop as a retail subdivision – Biaggis, Walgreens, etc.?
  • Where was Kinko’s, now Fed Ex, located previously to locating in front of the G.E. Plant?
  • Where was Sambos’s Restaurant located?
  • Where was Phone-A-Feast located?
  • What business was originally located on the Southwest corner of Main and Emerson before it became a paint store and now Walgreens?
  • What grocery store was located across from Illinois Wesleyan on Main Street and what business operates there now?
  • Where was the Grand Café located prior to its current location at Main and Locust?
  • Where was “great” popcorn, slathered in butter, sold on East Washington Street? Proprietor?
  • What local family owned and operated the business now known as Nestle, USA in southwest Bloomington?
  • What hotel-motel was previously located at the intersection of Veteran’s Parkway and Fox Creek Road?
  • What flag was flown from the top of “Dave Segneri’s” Tower when it was topped off just north of Jimmy John’s at Market, Center and Madison?
  • How many locations did Biasi’s Drug Store occupy in Bloomington during its long tenure (1922-1997)?
  • What famous athlete came to Normal and participated in the Grand Opening of Redbird IGA?
  • Where were Spud Nut donuts produced and sold in Bloomington-Normal?
  • Where was the American State Bank located?
  • What was the original business in the building now occupied by the Bloomington Post Office?
  • Was there ever a drive-in theatre in Bloomington-Normal? If so, where and what business is there now?
  • How many family generations operated Weaver’s-Rent-All on North Main in Normal (across from the ISU football stadium) before relocating?
  • What was the original name of the auto plant, now known as Rivian, and what companies created it?
  • Where was the YMCA located prior to its current location?
  • Where was Steak-n-Shake located on Main Street in Normal and what business is there now?
  • Where was the train station located prior to Uptown Normal?
  • Where was the Jack Lewis Jewelry Store located prior to its current location on Eastland Drive?
  • What store previously occupied the area of Schnucks Grocery at Empire and Veteran’s Parkway?


If you don’t know the answers to some or all of the foregoing, please consult with some of your more “mature” friends and acquaintances – the author will not be providing answers!